With more than 100 trucks on Quebec roads, Navada and it’s certified technicians produce about 40 000 service reports per year.

The technologic tendency which characterise our era and the apparition of great mobile solutions who allows an efficient information management, the passage to mobility has quickly become a priority for us.

However, like every mega project, certain important challenges where ahead of us. At first, it was important to find a technology that would accurately respond to our clients and technicians needs, as well as our intern support organization. Then, we had to achieve a smooth transition so we didn’t slow down on our daily operations.

Navada is proud to announce that after many months of hard development work with our supplier, match with an important program of training for the employees, the technologic turn is a success! That first phase of the project being completed, our continuous improvement program will now take the lead to maintain a steady development of the tool, as well as stay forefront and continue to be attentive to our clients.

Our clientele, the real winners

Within the many advantages of that integration is one more important than the others; a better capacity to inform and to serve our clientele. Indeed, since our dispatchers are in constant interaction with the technicians through their smartphones, that give them the structure to have an accurate picture of our live activities.

« That also allows our intern support team to intervene more quickly, whether it’s to prepare and send a submission in urge, or to coordinate an intervention that implicate many resources. »              

– Frédéric Bédard, Director – Service Department

Finally, at the end of each intervention, a service report is generated and electronically sent to the chosen contact.

Better equipped technicians

All the relevant information to an intervention are virtually transmitted via the mobile application to the technician. Moreover, they have access to the complete maintenance contract history, which has for effect to lead their decisions making during the interventions.

Other integrated functionalities in the app like GPS localisation of the on site address or material requisition allow a precious time economy for our technicians.

In summary, centralisation of the information let us minimise the communications and make our operations more efficient.

A social responsibility

Since many years, Navada is a leader in LEED© construction domain and that important technologic turn allows us to do even more in terms of sustainable development.

That project has let us decrease by 60% our paper consumption, without forgetting the impact on the 3 mainstays of sustainable development which are ecological, social and economic preoccupations.