As a specialized contractor, health and safety at work is not only a social responsibility, but a priority. With a team of more than 200 employees, it is obvious that our efforts are deployed in the purpose of preventing and minimizing the risks of incidents and diseases related to work.

To make that mission a success, the goals, actions and practices in health and safety matter have to be aligned with the policies, in addition to being valorize and applied by the management members. In order to demonstrate their commitment, we are happy to welcome in our team a health, safety and environment specialist that will be able to bring prevention at a whole new level. With her many years of experience, she will be able to propose adapted solutions and extol continuous amelioration by carefully analyzing risks related to the work of our refrigeration, heating and control technicians, tinsmiths, without neglecting warehouse and office workers.

Thereby, we have set up a dynamic display in our warehouse which shows regular updates and precautions related to health and safety. That display is destined to raise awareness and strengthen our sense of commitment, but also to encourage discussions and exchanges!

Each other involvement is primordial in the establishment of this corporate culture, and we strongly believe that it can make a difference. Within those actions, we are confident that our willingness to invest in the well-being of our workers will be felt in our everyday work.